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We may be able to help you if you feel the need to change something in your life. That change can be in your relationships with friends, family or your spouse. Or you want to change something inside of yourself. For example, you may feel you need to improve your self-esteem. Or, maybe you need help in getting rid of those vague feelings of guilt you’ve had forever. We have offered counselling in Sudbury for over 10 years, and now we offer counselling in North Bay. Let us help you Get Your Life Back

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Couples Therapy at HeadWay

Couples Therapy

With the therapist, the couple will study the relationship to discover the stressors in the relationship, the nature of conflicts, behavioural and communication patterns, strengths and weaknesses and qualities that may be missing in the relationship.  Couples will learn new methods of communication and the importance of dual participation to make changes. The therapy process includes ongoing learning to understand the desires, thoughts and feelings of each other while validating and empathizing with each other.


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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at HeadWay

TMS Therapy or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at HeadWay

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive treatment of depression.  TMS Therapy can also treat anxiety, PTSD, OCD and even smoking cessation.  We have been offering Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS Therapy for over 10 years in the Greater Sudbury area. We now also offer TMS Therapy in North Bay. If you suffer from depression and the medications you tried have been ineffective or you could not tolerate them, you might benefit from TMS Therapy.


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Ketamine esketamine treatment at HeadWay

Ketamine or Esketamine Treatments at HeadWay

Ketamine or its enantiomer Esketamine (Spravato) are treatments for depressions that have not gotten much better with typical antidepressants.  Esketamine (Spravato) was approved by Health Canada for the treatment of depression in May 2020 but Ketamine has been used to treat depression and chronic pain for many years. Both of these medications are only available at certified treatment centers under the supervision of a specially trained health care provider.


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Nutrition at HeadWay Clinic


A nutritious diet is important for overall health and wellness, but with all the conflicting information out there, it can be difficult to know what to do. Whether you are trying to manage a medical condition, achieve your optimal weight, feed your family, or interpret nutrition facts on food labels, our Registered Dietitian is a trusted health professional who can help by showing you how healthy eating can be simple, nutritious, and delicious! 


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Family Therapy at HeadWay

Family Therapy

Family therapy can help families better communicate with one another. It can be useful for families who are dealing with losses, grief, anger and conflict. It can also be useful to help a family in dealing with addictions. Family therapy is not long-term therapy, usually and can include everyone in the family or just those who can or want to be there. It often deepens family relationships and the effects can carry on even after you’re done going to the therapy sessions.

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