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Counselling, Chiropractor, Massage Therapy in Sudbury
For the last 10 years, HeadWay Clinic has been recognized as a leader in multi-disciplinary mental and physical health in Sudbury.


HeadWay Clinic is a physician-led Wellness Center where we treat you as a whole person and try to help you Get Your Life Back. We are unique in that we offer leading-edge physical, psychological and relationship treatments, all under one roof. The Sudbury Star describes us as a ‘Wellness Hotel’ where “you can find everything from massage and chiropractic services to couples counselling and occupational therapy.”

We offer a wide degree of services that allow us to help you if you have more complex issues! We can offer comprehensive multi-disciplinary treatments if, for example, you happen to have chronic pain, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and a brain injury, all at the same time. Of course, we also look after you if you’re struggling with only a single problem!

By offering everything under one roof, we save you from having a bunch of disconnected, contradicting or duplicating treatments offered in multiple locations. You won’t have to tell your story 5 times to five different people across town. 

Feel free to directly book an appointment with one of us, or if you prefer, call us at (705) 670-2000 and start by participating in an intake assessment to help create a tailor-made plan for your unique needs. For example, you might only need to see a counsellor or need the services of a chiropractor, or you might need both. And maybe massage therapy. And some Yoga Therapy, to get moving again. We do all that! And more!

We will work with your family physician, your psychiatrist or other outside specialists too, if you want us to. We can coordinate with your legal team, if any are involved. We can submit treatment plans to your car insurance or direct bill most Health Benefits programs.

We believe in giving back to the community. We offer free workshops, sponsor fundraising events for mental health, brain injuries, inflammatory bowel diseases and cancer. 

The clinic is located at 907 Lorne Street, formerly the Scotia Bank. Renovations were completed to transform the space into a Health and Wellness clinic.

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Meet our team! Call (705) 670-2000 or come visit us at 907 Lorne Street, Sudbury, Ontario.

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“My experience at Headway Clinic exceeded my expectations. All of the clinicians treated me very professionally and made sure I felt comfortable and left feeling in good overall health, both physically and mentally. I can’t thank them enough for saving my life.”