For more than 10 years, HeadWay Clinic has been recognized as a leader in the multidisciplinary approach to mental health. HeadWay Clinic is a physician-led Wellness Center where we treat you as a whole person and try to help you Get Your Life Back

We offer a wide degree of services such as counselling or psychotherapy with either a Registered Psychotherapist or a Registered Social Worker.  We also offer couple therapy and family therapy. We have been a provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for the treatment of depression and other ailments, since 2007, under the leadership of Dr. Jean-Guy Gagnon. On occasion, we run groups such as Pain Groups, Anxiety Groups and Depression Groups. We have a part-time Dietitian who can help with nutritional issues. We have a partnership with a Massage Therapist also.

By offering everything under one roof, we save you from having a bunch of disconnected, contradicting or duplicating treatments offered in multiple locations. You won’t have to tell your story 5 times to five different people across town.
We now have 2 locations with plans to expand in the future. We have been in Sudbury for over 10 years and have opened a clinic in North Bay in November of 2019. We offer counselling, couples therapy and TMS in North Bay with plans to expand services, in the near future. We now offer Ketamine and Spravato (an enantiomer of ketamine) in both clinics.

We believe in giving back to the community. We offer free workshops on various mental health issues. We sponsor fundraising events for mental health, brain injuries, inflammatory bowel diseases and cancer.

We also offer assessments (IME, paper review, etc), for medical-legal issues such as determining a diagnosis, the impairments, the restrictions and limitations, the treatments required, the causality and the short and long-term prognosis. We can coordinate with your legal team if any are involved. We can submit treatment plans to your car insurance if you have been involved in an accident. We will work with your family physician, your psychiatrist or other outside specialists too if you want us to.


HeadWay Clinic Sudbury
907 Lorne Street
Sudbury P3E 4R6
Phone: 705 670-2000
Email: info@headwayclinic.ca
URL: https://www.headwayclinic.ca

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HeadWay Clinic North Bay
66 Josephine Street
North Bay P1B 0A7
Phone: 705 474-6000
Email: info@headwayclinic.ca
URL: https://www.headwayclinic.ca

Monday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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