Looking to start lifting weights? Weight training is one of the best ways to build muscle strength and endurance, I can also decrease back pain, improve balance, help with postural issues, and maintain bone mineral density. Despite all these benefits, working out improperly can increase your risk of injury. Here are some tips from the Ontario Chiropractic Association and HeadWay Clinic’s Chiropractor to help you lift better, smarter, and safer!

Start with light weights1

Lifting with proper form is important for preventing injuries, and is much easier to do with lighter weight. When starting a workout routine or trying new exercises, make sure to start with a light weight. The next step is to master the form before attempting to go heavier

Move properly between exercises

Your form when performing lifts may be perfect, but how are you carrying your weights around and setting yourself up for your workout? Moving weights around the gym carelessly can be just as harmful as performing exercises with improper form. Make sure you brace you core and lift with your legs when picking weights up off of the floor. It is important to carry your weights close to your body when moving them around the gym. Always move with intention between workouts, as you would while working out. 

Slow and steady wins the race.

It will take 4-6 weeks to build strength and show measurable strength gains. After that time you should start to challenge your body more by increasing the amount you are lifting every 1-2 weeks. Increase the amount of weight you are lifting by no more than 2.5-5% at one time to help mitigate your injury risk2.

See a chiropractor

If you have existing pain or discomfort consult your chiropractor or doctor before starting a weight training routine. A chiropractor will assess, treat, and prescribe the appropriate exercises and treatment to help your body recover and get ready to start a workout routine.

Work with a coach, trainer, or kinesiologist

They can help map out your training routine and learn proper form, as well as assess muscle imbalances and work alongside your chiropractor to help to tailor your workout routine accordingly.


  1. Our team at Headway Clinic of personal trainers, coaches, and a chiropractic doctor can help you get fit and functional, in a safe manner.
  2. Get out there, and get moving!

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