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Couples Counselling may very well be the best thing a couple can do for themselves

At HeadWay, we believe that the intimate relationship is too often neglected and left to deteriorate over time. Many couples have unrealistic expectations that the relationship can somehow thrive even when neglected because “love” will protect it. It’s easy to forget that the relationship is the protector of love, not the other way around.

How does it work?

Couples counselling begins with an intake interview to collect basic information about the relationship and the partners, to develop a rapport with the therapist, create goals and to allow the therapist to observe how the partners relate to one another. With the therapist, the couple will study itself to discover stressors in the relationship, the nature of conflicts, behavioural and communication patterns, strengths and weaknesses and qualities that may be missing in the relationship. Couples will learn new ways of communicating and learn the importance of both participating to make changes. The therapy process includes ongoing learning to understand the desires, thoughts and feelings of each other while validating and empathizing with each other. Couples are also encouraged to express positive feelings which strengthen trust and support healthier relationships. Most important, is the couple’s willingness to attend sessions, to be honest, and act on guidance. For more information on Couples Counselling read What is Couples Counselling?

Reasons for Couples Therapy

Communication Issues Poor communication is often the primary reason for couples to reach out for counselling. Over time, couples can develop unhealthy communication styles which can result in difficulties to connect, feel intimate and speak freely. Couples counselling is done in a safe space that allows both parties to speak openly without judgement with feedback from a non-biased observer to provide skills to effectively communicate thoughts, feelings and needs.

Sexual Therapy Sexual problems are common in relationships; couples counselling will help the couple gain better knowledge about sexuality and learn to listen to each other in an accepting and non-judgmental manner. Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship; it can be a healing component to a relationship, but also a trigger of anxiety, anger and embarrassment. With a gentle and integrative approach to sexual issues, the therapist will help set you at ease and guide you into talking about sex.

Premarital Counseling The thought of discussing potentially difficult subjects such as finances, parenting, faith, politics, scheduling, household duties and work can create anxiety. Therefore, these topics may be avoided and become points of controversy later in the relationship. Premarital counselling can guide couples in recognizing each other’s strengths, discussing their marital goals and to develop communication and problem-solving skills to achieve these goals.

Partner Infidelity Infidelity can severely strain a relationship; it can end a relationship, but couples can also repair a relationship with the guidance of a therapist. Couples may report feeling confused about maintaining the relationship, having difficulty being in the presence of one another, feeling anxious and obsessive, feeling shame and guilt as well as anger. It takes courage for the couple to face what happened and reach out for support. It is important to remember that regaining trust and intimacy after infidelity will take time and active participation.

Non Traditional Relationship Non-traditional or open relationships may seem incongruous and intimidating, but with the guidance and support of a therapist, this approach can be less conflicting. Often, what we consider risky in any relationship is what we consider risky in an open relationship. A therapist will consider those issues along with emotions in which decisions are made.

Trust Problems Lack of trust can destroy relationships, but through therapy, couples can address and analyze trust issues in their relationship. Couples can work together to build their relationship in re-establishing trust and addressing challenges that may arise in building this confidence in the relationship.

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