For me, self-care has not come naturally. It has been something I need to make a conscious choice to participate in. In all honesty, I have been struggling at times and wondering why, only to later realize “Oh! I haven’t done anything for me in a long time”. I think we feel somewhat guilty to practicing self-care, as though it is not as productive as other things. For me, taking time to take care for myself means that I am better able to take care of the people around me. Self-care for me means practicing yoga, reading a good book with my dog cuddled beside me and/or having a girl’s night with friends that I do not always get to see. It means taking a Sunday afternoon to listen to some good music, dancing in my kitchen and wash/cut/prep my groceries for the week. It is in these moments I feel recharged and, if my fiancé happens to witness my horrible dance moves, maybe give him a laugh or two to boot. For me, self-care means being healthy and living my best life physically, emotionally and mentally. What I would say to anyone listening is: Self-care is not selfish! Make it a priority like you would any other doctor’s appointment or school assignment because YOU matter too!  

Jessica Savage

Registered Psychotherapist

B.A., M.A., R.P. HeadWay Clinic 907 Lorne St., Sudbury, ON P3C4R6 Phone: (705) 670-2000