Reactivation Therapy For Depression: Get Unstuck & Get Moving Again!

TMS in Sudbury

Reactivation Therapy is important in the treatment of depression. It is a type of therapy for depression that helps you get unstuck and moving again! It means receiving support to start doing the activities in your life that are meaningful to you. Reactivation Therapy coupled with counselling can be an effective way to treat depression. People with depression symptoms feel down with low energy, low motivation, and have difficulty enjoying daily activities. This can lead to feeling “stuck” and having trouble getting moving again and get your life back.

This period of activity disruption can go on longer than what is restful or helpful to your recovery. The key is to understand that doing less will make you feel worse, and even more stuck. It can become a cycle, and for some people, doing very little can become their new normal. Short-term disruption of usual routines and activities (i.e. in bed with a cold) is okay and recommended. It can give your mind and body some rest and can be a good form of self-care. This ideally should only last for a short period of time. Once you feel better, you return to your normal daily activities. If it continues too long, it can become problematic.

Getting back to doing meaningful activities can be hard at first. Overcoming the “stuck” feeling takes effort and commitment. With the right support system and daily practice, your activities can become easy and normal again. Reactivation Therapy can help you identify meaningful tasks and address factors that are preventing or interfering with your daily life. Get moving again is absolutely essential in feeling better, feeling well, and feeling like yourself again.

Vanessa Wilkins

Vanessa Wilkins

Registered Psychotherapist