There are many approaches to practicing self-care, but the most important goal to remember is to discover a strategy that works best for you and implement this into your routine.  Years ago I found myself saying “I don’t have time for self-care” and I was focused only on goals and achievements as I juggled other life commitments. I made the conscious decision to prioritize my wellbeing and find self-care strategies that fit into my routine, but also satisfied my mind, body and soul. I got to know myself better and what I needed to thrive. Today I find myself prioritizing at-home exercises four times a week and making time outdoors essential to my daily life. In the warmer months you will find me outdoors gardening, chicken keeping or just simply tinkering and in the colder months I enjoy playing in the snow like a kid, racing downhill on a GT or just being mindful of the beauty that winter brings. And yet, the most helpful approach to self-care and fueling my soul has been to “unplug” from technology and spend undivided time with my family and pet each evening.

Vanessa Wilkins

Registered Psychotherapist

BA, B.Ed., RP

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