We are a multi-disciplinary clinic offering unique one-stop services online, in person, in your home and on-site at the workplace for your company! We are currently in both North Bay and Sudbury. We offer Counselling, Couples therapy, Group therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Dietitian, Workshops, Webinars and Medical-legal assessments (Psychiatry and Chronic Pain) for insurances, corporations and legal teams. We work with private clients, corporations, hospitals, motor vehicle accident victims, Veterans, Homewood EAP program, other EAP Programs. All our staff are Regulated Health Professionals in Social Work, Psychotherapy, Nursing and Dietitian. We work with all insurers for private benefits, automobile insurers and Blue Cross and WSIB.


I Think I Have A Concussion! Now What? STOP the activity you are doing and remove yourself or the other person from any dangerous situation(s). Only

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