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HeadWay Clinic has been counselling Sudbury for over 10 years. Most people we see have tried on their own for some time and they feel stuck and need help sorting things out.

Couples Therapy

Couples we see have been struggling and often, fighting before they come to see us. They’re often stuck in a never-ending loop of miscommunication, animosity and sadness. They seek therapy as a last resort.


Mindfulness therapy incorporates breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to bring intentional focus on the present moment. Become more self-aware of problematic thinking patterns and emotions with acceptance and find the ease in letting go.

Chiropractic Care

HeadWay Clinic offers evidence-based chiropractic services in Sudbury to help patients with pain complaints. Common complaints treated by Dr Jakelski include low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, postural strain, and chronic pain involving many areas or the entire body.

Group Therapy

Grow a support network of like-minded individuals and relate to shared experiences. Join one of our eight-week therapeutic groups.

Integrated Services

HeadWay Clinic is a diverse and collaborative team of health professionals in Sudbury, dedicated to the improvement of health and wellness of clients. In addition, the team at HeadWay Clinic ensures treatment plans are made in congruence with one another to ensure accountability towards overall health. This means appointments that address different health needs can be scheduled one after another. For example, a counselling appointment could be scheduled before a massage therapy appointment. 


A wide range of client-focused services are offered to improve both mental and physical health.

Help you create positive change

The team at HeadWay Clinic helps clients identify needs and create goals that support individuals through all stages of change.

Amazing service, friendly staff, helped me beyond words. Thank you to everyone at Headway. HK

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A concussion is a mild form of brain injury which happens to the brain usually as a result of a direct hit to the head or a “whiplash” type injury of the neck. Concussions are frequent sports injuries but can also happen as a result of motor vehicle accidents, slips...

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Where are your Sciatica symptoms coming from?

Where are your Sciatica symptoms coming from?

What is sciatica back pain?Sciatica is common in those who perform repetitive movements, have an awkward posture, or lift something heavy. Sciatica is a pain coming from the low back and radiating or shooting down the leg. However, this can become a blanket term for...

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