Winter has arrived and with it, the ice and snow!

Here are some helpful tips to use this winter to avoid those unnecessary slips, trips, and tumbles.


SALT: salting or sanding your walkways outside can help prevent those sheets of ice that form on the pavement.


PROPER FOOTWEAR: investing in winter footwear that will not only keep you warm but also provide you with traction on slippery snowy surfaces.


PRACTICE BALANCE: do not carry an excessive amount of weight outside that could affect your balance. Use sleds to pull children instead of carrying them, and take multiple trips to unload your groceries. In fact, keeping your arms free is important because your arms play an important role in balance. Use your arms for balance!


BE AWARE: avoid walking in the dark where patches of ice are harder to see. Be cautious of where you are placing your feet.

Be safe out there!

Dr Natasha Jakelski

Doctor of Chiropractic

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