Dr. Joe Persi

Dr Joe Persi

Registered Psychologist

I am a Clinical Psychologist who works in partnership with men and women who want to improve the quality of their life, by improving how they manage their own behaviours, emotions, activities, and ways of thinking. My interest in self-directed change began as an adolescent over 40 years ago when I first challenged myself to be more like the person I wanted to be. I was coached and counselled along the way by some very good people who taught me the value of positive relationships in promoting change.

Since then I’ve invested in reading research and training, reflected on my own experiences, and listened to the experiences of others so I could learn about what works for which types of problems and diagnoses, when, and for who. In my career, I’ve provided assessment and treatment, consultation, supervision, research, publication, coaching, and teaching across university and college, school of medicine, hospital, classrooms, and community mental health settings. Somewhere along the way, I found that a life without fear, sadness, anger, loss and some failures was not possible. More usefully, however, I found that it was very possible to learn how to improve thinking, memories, feelings, motivation, relationships, and the ability to experience positive emotions. Psychotherapy does not help everyone, and I may not be the therapist type that best meets your needs. But having said that, I look forward to opportunities to explore the possibility that it may be very helpful for you.