TMS in North Bay

Crystal Hampel

Registered Practical Nurse

Hi I am Crystal,

I am a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) who has worked in many areas of health care. As a nurse, I have often listened to others discuss their mental health journey, but I never really considered my own. While I was on my second maternity leave, I had time to reflect on my well-being and make decisions to optimize my own mental health. It quickly became apparent that the mental health field is where I should be.

I want to help and support people to optimize their own mental health and I am hoping that the people I care for will not feel as vulnerable in their time of need.

The brain is like a giant messaging system that takes care of our bodies and I think sometimes we forget that the brain needs to be taken care of as well. Occasionally we have to stimulate our brain to get it working again. rTMS is evidence-based and effective in treating treatment-resistant Major Depressive Disorder. Although rTMS is not for everybody, I look forward to meeting and consulting with you to see if rTMS is an option that would be helpful for you.