Jessica Savage

Resilience For Frontline Workers during COVID-19

Jessica Savage explains how to develop resilience for frontline workers during COVID. This is the second instalment of our Stress Management Series for frontline staff dealing with this horrible disease. Check out the first of the series: Stress Management during COVID-19. Share with colleagues:

TMS in Sudbury

Reactivation Therapy For Depression: Get Unstuck & Get Moving Again!

Reactivation Therapy is important in the treatment of depression. It is a type of therapy for depression that helps you get unstuck and moving again! It means receiving support to start doing the activities in your life that are meaningful to you. Reactivation Therapy coupled with counselling can be an effective way to treat depression. People with …

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I Think I Have A Concussion! Now What? STOP the activity you are doing and remove yourself or the other person from any dangerous situation(s). Only medical doctors can diagnose a concussion and refer you for any further imaging, should it be necessary. If you are experiencing signs of a concussion, please make your way to …

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Self Care

Self Care for Me

For me, self-care has not come naturally. It has been something I need to make a conscious choice to participate in. In all honesty, I have been struggling at times, and wondering why? Only to later realize “Oh! I haven’t done anything for me in a long time”. I think we feel somewhat guilty to practising …

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