HeadWay Clinic is recognized as a leader in Sudbury for counselling, couples therapy and group therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, rehabilitation, nutritional advice, occupational therapy.

Provider of rTMS in Sudbury since 2007.

Integrated Services

HeadWay Clinic is a diverse and collaborative team of health professionals in Sudbury, dedicated to the improvement of health and wellness of clients. In addition, the team at HeadWay Clinic ensures treatment plans are made in congruence with one another to ensure accountability towards overall health. This means appointments that address different health needs can be scheduled one after another. For example, a counselling appointment could be scheduled before a massage therapy appointment. 


A wide range of client-focused services are offered to improve both mental and physical health.

Help you create positive change

The team at HeadWay Clinic helps clients identify needs and create goals that support individuals through all stages of change.


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HeadWay Clinic

Amazing service, friendly staff, helped me beyond words. Thank you to everyone at Headway. HK

  Health and Wellness Blog

Journal: Brain Stimulation 10(4): 847-849 (2017) Authors: A.G Yip, M.S George, A Tendler, Y Roth, A Zangen, L.L Carpenter Background: An acute course of dTMS typically involves treatments delivered 5 days a week, for 4 weeks.Should more treatments be given if the...

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Exercise and Dementia

Many of you may have heard of many of the benefits of exercise: increased endurance, increased strength and balance, improved mood, improved ability to perform daily tasks, and decreased pain to name a few. New research has now found another benefit of exercise on...

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5 Tips for Nurturing Children’s Mental Health Wellness

 Adults play an important role in the development of children’s mental health by helping them understand their emotions, develop resiliency and foster healthy relationships. Here are some suggestions for nurturing a child’s mental health.  1. Strong relationships A...

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HeadWay Clinic

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